Board of Directors

Governance and Administration The association is made up of a General Assembly as the highest governing body comprising of fully paid up members. They meet once every year to discuss major policy issues, budgets or plans for the association. Another day is set out for membership issues, and social interaction.

Organizational management is highly participatory with a governing Board of seven members, a Board of Trustees, functional sub-committees and specific Project Committees all facilitated by the Secretariat.

The Board of Directors drawn from its membership is elected by the General Assembly. It serves a three-year term and meets quarterly to formulate policies and oversee the management and effective running of the affairs of the association.

The members are:        

Chairperson Ms Jane Baitwa Kyomuhendo  

Vice Chaiperson Ms Jennifer Kalule Musamba                                     

General Secretary Ms Biirra Gedi Night                                         

Treasurer Ms Sarah Nakibuuka-Bakehena

Committee Member Ms Anita S. Mago-Sempa

Committee Member Ms Harriet Musinguzi

Committee Member Ms Harriet Nankabirwa Kiwanuka

Click on their names to read more about each Board Member.


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