Jane Nakyondwa Matovu


In her position as Mama FM news editor, Jane does news editing of all news stories brought to her desk by reporters from the field. She does translation of stories from English to Vernacular (Luganda).

She also assigns reporter various activities to do by going out in the field to collect news stories. As part of her daily tasks is news anchoring, guiding reporters on how to go about with their stories before handing them in as well as general administration of the news room.

Jane first worked with the defunct Market Place a weekly business newspaper.
She later joined Bukedde a local sister daily to The New Vision the Government Mouth Piece as reporter.

As a member of Uganda Media Women’s Association, Jane was nominated to participate in the FK Exchange program in 2007 from Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA) to Zambia Media Women’s Association (ZAMWA).

While in Zambia, Jane worked as reporter with Zambia Daily Mail the Government Mouth Piece, Radio Phoenix the strongest and first FM commercial radio station in Zambia and Zambia News and Information Service a Government News Agency. She also represented ZAMWA in different seminars and workshops.

On return from the exchange after her follow up programs at UMWA, Jane was taken on as an assistant news editor and news anchor in 2008 and currently she is the news editor of Mama FM.

Working with UMWA/ Mama FM has given Jane a chance to discover her other talent of broadcasting which she had not realized before, and she has been able to use Mama FM as a platform to express her opinions on several issues like domestic violence, child sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS among others in the most passionate way, but with the intention of giving the public a chance to make informed decisions.


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