FK Exchange Program

The Norwegian Fredskorpset, which is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has exchange programs in 50 countries and with 150 organizations. UMWA is one of them.

UMWA has a south-south exchange with four media women’s associations, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia and Kenya. The exchange program involves the participating countries to send and at the same time receive participants from various countries to work with them.

The first phase began in June 2002. UMWA received four participants during the first year June 2002 – May 31st 2003. The participants were from Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Ethiopia, and UMWA sent three of its own to Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

UMWA also started a north-south exchange with Norway in 2009. In September 2009 a member of UMWA went to Norway, and in October 2009 UMWA received a participant from Norway.

Objectives of the Program include among others:

To facilitate reciprocal learning.

To improve organizational capacity.

To share experiences and expertise.

To improve professional excellence of individual organizations on the Exchange Program.

To expose individuals to different ways of doing things.

To share culture so that the participants can appreciate them and learn to cope with different situations.

It is expected that by the end of the program the participants will have:

Made professional contribution to host organizations

Enhanced their knowledge, skills and capabilities giving multiplier effect to other members in their respective organizations

Acquired knowledge that they can translate to their home situations and organizations in particular

Came out with proposals for the enhancement of the profession and activities there in for the host organization and their own organizations.


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