The Other Voice

The Other Voice (TOV) is an eight-page advocacy and lobbying newspaper for the attainment of a fair and a just society. It was started in 1998 as a response to the unfair and inadequate coverage of women issues and other marginalized groups in Uganda.

TOV’s vision is a nation of women, children and men making informed decisions for gender equality and social justice through interactive communication thus enhancing women’s status and visibility.

It aims at sensitizing the Ugandan community on gender issues in relation to the country’s overall development. TOV works towards the attainment of a fair and just society. It provides human rights and development information as well as critiquing legislation and policies with a view of positive reforms to benefit the majority population.

TOV is also an arrangement to promote the cause of women and give them their rightful position as equal partners, intelligent, instrumental and with the potential to effectively contribute to the social, economic and political development process of society.

The Other Voice (TOV) seeks to

a) Highlight negative/discriminative policies and laws, how they affect women and lobby for their reform.

b) Generate and sustain gender debate for a fair and just society in Uganda.

c) Highlight human rights abuses or violation relating to particularly women and other marginalized groups such as children and the disabled.

d) Provide a platform for women, children and the disabled people to have their voices heard.

e) To counter the negative portrayal of women in and by the media.

f) To provide development civic education on topical issues such as; peace building, good governance and public accountability among others.

TOV’s primary target are the policy makers so they can legislate positively for women.

The publication, which comes once every two months, was initially launched in five languages, which included; English, Runyakitara, Ateso, Luo and Luganda. Dwindling funding reduced the publication to the English version till June 2005.

TOV is published in five languages and circulated by one of Uganda’s dailies and its sister papers:

1. English: The Other Voice (The New Vision, monthly)
2. Runyakitara: Eiraka Ryawe (Orumuri, quarterly)
3. Ateso: Eporoto Je Etop (quarterly)
4. Luo: Dwon Mukene ni: (Rupiny, quarterly)
5. Luganda: Munyeenye: (Bukedde, quarterly)


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