Way Forward

UMWA is at a stage of transition in its governance structure, its intervention strategy and moving towards self-sustenance.

Regarding governance, UMWA is in the process of election a board of trustees who will offer professional advice to the board on specific operational issues. It has graduated from being a mutual benefit NGO to a professional service delivery and advocacy NGO with a clearly defined constituency.

In terms of intervention strategy, UMWA has shifted from projects to programs due to the need to increase in demand for their services. UMWA is also gradually transforming itself into a self-sustainable organization. It is making efforts to reduce dependency on donor funding by generating its own income, ensuring a strong leadership, trained and effective membership, building strong partnerships and networks and being program focused.

The way forward for UMWA would be to concretise the strategic plan and work towards operationalizing it. This will lead the organization through a developmental process that will enable it to attain its mission and vision.

The Organization intends to work its way through being a learning organization so that every level, the vibrancy, commitment and competence is upheld.

Vigorous fundraising to ensure sustainability of programs is going to be undertaken to enable the organization to become self-reliant.

Increased participation in advocacy work will be undertaken with specific concentration on activities that are of mutual benefit to the organization.

Using UMWA premises as training ground both at the media center and media outlets will be considered as one of the activities that can generate funds for the organization.

Demand for information from the public is on the increase therefore UMWA shall use this opportunity to provide information packages that highlight human rights abuses and point towards social justice.


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