UMWA’S strengths

UMWA is/has:

The only media NGO in uganda with women media professionals, with well established structures, roles and responsibilities for each position.

Owns and controls two development-focused media outlets – radio Mama FM and The Other Voice publication, vital tools for redress and development.

Owns its offices, a sign of maturity, and in the right direction of sustainability.

A big membership of over 200 women thus endowed with mltiple skills and experiences includign in policy analysis advocacy, development communication and rural development.

Draws supprot from a pool of volunteers ready to contribute with minimum facilitation.

Enjoys local, national and international credibility.

Has national as well as rural networks which has made its advocacy and service delivery functions more sustainable.

UMWA brings the following strenghts to the women’s movement:

It is a professional organization that appreciates the role of information in development.

It is exclusive in communication strategy design, management and evaluation, which skills and services are so valuable to the women’s movement.

UMWA is composed of members coming from both the electronic and print media as well as NGO’s. Each brings in a wealth of knowledge and skills. This contributes to the capacity of the organization to handle different information needs and forms of dissemination.

UMWA’s advocacy work benefits from the media network where its mentors are employed.

As part of networking, UMWA belongs to a number of professional and advocacy networks including:

National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)
East African Media Institute (EAMI)
Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET)
Development Initiatives of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) Uganda Participatory Development Network (UPDNET)
The National Broadcasters Association
The National Institute of Journalists of Uganda (NIJU)
Anti Corruption Coalition of Uganda (ACCU)


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