Who we are

UMWA is a voluntary, registered non-governmental umbrella organization and an association for female journalists and women involved in information management from both government and private organizations.

We want to enhance the visibility and status of women and other marginalized groups through awareness creation, capacity strengthening, networking and advocacy, to realize gender equality .

Our Vision
” A nation of women, children and men making informed decisions for gender equality and social justice”.

UMWA’s aim is to provide development information to women and other marginalized groups for effective decision-making and advocate for gender responsive policies, legislation and programs for improved livelihoods.

UMWA currently has 201 members with a mission to build a strong professional association of female journalists working in Uganda. This growing expertise will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the marginalized groups such as rural women, the poor and children. Full membership is open to all female practicing journalists. Students who have interest in and share the same ideals, values and objectives with UMWA can be accorded associate membership. Honorary membership is open to a person with interest in UMWA’s objectives. Individuals can be co-opted to offer the relevant expertise.

UMWA’s target groups
UMWA’s primary beneficiaries are the poor rural women, and those living in slums. People with disabilities children and women in information generation, management and dissemination are the secondary.


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