Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA) came into existence in 1983 after the realization that Uganda did not have any umbrella body to cater for the professional interests of media women as well as the information needs of the marginalized in society.

Similar associations in existence then were not offering fair or adequate participation and contribution by media women.

Besides, the issues of the least heard in society were not getting due attention and coverage by the media. Women were getting negative portrayal and the press did not make adequate acknowledgement of their achievements.

It was therefore felt that through access to media and possible ownership by the women themselves, women could impact on the development and direction of their country thus the founding of UMWA in 1983. It has then opened and run two media outlets – a radio station, Mama FM and a newspaper, The Other Voice (TOV).

UMWA is located 8 kilometers from the city centre, at Plot 226, Block 214, Bukoto Kisaasi, where the coordination of its activities takes place as well as the production of an advocacy newspaper – The Other Voice. This location is also the home of Mama FM, the first women owned and run radio station in Africa.


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